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What are Angelic Orbs?

Angelic Orbs are items that provide you with offensive, defensive or utility oriented effects. Angelic Orbs are divided into 2 groups, normal and divine orbs. Normal orbs increase battle stats while divine orbs increase general effectiveness of utility effects. Additionally, Angelic Orb effectiveness depends on your current Angel Rank. Their maximum effectiveness is reached at max. AR. In between AR.1 and 100 the effectiveness scales linearly. This means, a character AR. 53 reaps benefits for 53% of the maximum effect of an orb. 


How do I use Angelic Orbs?

Angelic Orbs can be equipped starting AR. 1. Simply drag them into the Sub Weapon(Orb) slot or double click them to activate. Orbs become active after you start using them. While in use, they are untradeable.


Where do Angelic Orbs Drop?

Every boss in the game has a chance to drop Angelic Orbs.