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There's no need to leave your computer on all the time anymore! AFK Collectors do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is show up to collect your items from your helper or through the mail!

How does it work?

To use an AFK collector, simply visit any collector field. Enter the collector field and select the AFK collector. It will appear exactly where you're standing! It will continue to collect until the duration of the Collector runs out.  


How do I collect my items?

You collect your items by returning to your AFK vendor. Select the vendor and click "Claim" to obtain the items. 

How do I obtain an AFK collector?

AFK collectors can be obtained through the web-shop, NPC Gisela and NPC Collins for CWT. You can also recieve trial versions through Achievement rewards.

Do AFK collectors get items faster than players?

No, AFK collectors collect at 50% of the speed of players collectors. This means it takes afk collectors double the amount of time to collect one item compared to a player with a collector and batterly.

Are AFK collector items soul-linked?

No. AFK Collector items are not soul-linked.

What if I have a full inventory?

If you have a full inventory and attempt to collect, the items will be redirected to your mail.

What happens if I never collect my items and the time runs out?

Not to worry, they'll be sent directly to your mail.

Can I use an AFK Collector and still use batteries to collect items?

Yes. You can use any time of battery alongside an AFK Collector.