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Achievements are finally here! Achievements offer nearly a thousand tasks to complete, including a full beginners guide, tasks for farming monsters, PvE and PvP challenges and a whole bunch more! Let's get started!

The Achievement window displays your Legend Score, Achievements completed and your Tier. As you progress in levels and complete more achievements, you'll notice you'll reach higher and higher ranked tiers!

Achievements are neatly categorised by category and sub category. This makes it easier for you to figure out what you'd like to do, and keep track of your achievement progress (more on that soon!). There are a total of 5 main categories with 30 subcategories. Let's take a look at how to access them!

All you need to do is select one of the categories to open up the subcategories. Once selected, their achievements pop up, displaying the task, legend points, progress and reward.

What happens once I've completed an achievement?

Once completed, you'll recieve a notification on your screen letting you know! Navigate to the Achievements window and select the 'Claim' button. You'll then recieve your reward!

What categories are there, and what are they about?

As specified above, there's 5 main categories and 30 subcategories.

1. Tiers : Track your Legend Score and allow you to collect your tier rewards.

2. Adventure : Serves as a guide for beginner players, and provides some useful items.

3. PvE : Based on tasks related to Player vs. Environment

4. PvP : Based on tasks related to Player vs. Player

5. Misc : Miscellaneous Tasks

What types of rewards are there?

There's a range of items available from Achievements! They are: Experience, Legend Points, Cosmetics, Consumables, Titles, Badges, Chanceboxes and more. These items are typically soul-linked, however contents from chanceboxes will not be soul-linked.

How do I know what to do to complete an achievement?

Good question! This is especially important for beginners. You'll notice for each Achievement there's a simple task description to help you on your quest, however if that's not enough information - simply hover over the progress bar!


Is there an Achievement Tracker/Compact View?

There sure is! If you ever want to keep track of your achievements keeping the window open - just select the subcategory you'd like to track, and select the arrow at the top!