Patch Notes 1.4.12

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    • Patch Notes 1.4.12

      Patch Notes

      Theme Switch
      New Added Theme Switcher with the new Dark Theme. You can find it in options. Please report any bugs in the #theme-bugs channel with a screenshot.

      Item Linking
      New You can now use Item Link in private chats too. To link an item you can drag & drop it into the window or hold left ALT and click on the item.

      Discord Shop Notfication
      New You can now get notifications on discord when you sell items in-game. To get notifications, join the Shop role on Discord and reply to the PM of Hamsterbot with !addaccount shop accountid. Once you sell something, you will get a message.

      New Added a message when inventory is full or penya has reached the limit while farming.
      New Added higher quantities to Shining Oricalkum exchange.
      New Angel Rank of other players will be shown when clicking on them.
      New Bloodpact Cooldown will be rendered in the taskbar now.
      New Auto-Powerups will be saved per character now.
      New Added Powerup category to the Item wiki.
      Update Secret Room will now randomize the rooms properly.
      Update Auto-Powerups will be disabled after Guild Siege.
      Update Increased speed of all mounts.
      Update Scroll of Awake Recovery is not needed to view old awakes anymore. To apply an old awake, you will still need it though.

      Bugfix Fixed a crash when using teleporter while awake window is open.
      Bugfix Re-coded the Title system, it should now have less bugs and no more disappearing titles. If you miss a title, please open a ticket in #tickets.
      Bugfix Fixed a bug where Siege Medals wouldn't be distributed correctly.
      Bugfix Fixed a bug where certain items would still be tradeable after skinning them.
      Bugfix Fixed Angelic Legendary Golden / Bloody Weapons and Angelic Angel Yo-Yo having the same scaling as Ultmate weapons.
      Bugfix Fixed some SFX being visible while being invisible.
      Bugfix Set Glow of vendors will not be shown if Item Effect is disabled.