Patch Notes 1.4.11

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    • Patch Notes 1.4.11

      Hey Clockworks Flyffers!
      We're back with a new and exciting update filled with QoL improvements & more!
      Check out the GREEN DRAGON EVENT HERE!

      Patch Notes

      Advanced Inventory
      You can now use your inventory with much more efficiency when farming, in dungeons or whenever you want!
      Click the arrow button as shown in the video below to increase your accessibility to your inventory.

      Model Viewer V2
      We've made a few changes to our Model Viewer!
      In this version, Model Viewer can be (just like the Inventory!) resized now. Just drag the corners of the window to increase the size.
      Don't forget, you can also zoom in with your mouse wheel.

      It's now possible to view weapons and shield as "shiny" (with a reflection) and check items that are not the same sex as your character.
      In a future update a mounts, pets and board previews will be added.

      Fragment Conversion V2
      We have changed the way you now obtain Blessed and Cursed armour pieces. Previously we had fragments for every class, part and gender.
      In this new version we have now combined and unified these fragments to be only be class dependent.
      You can now exchange these fragments for the armour piece of your choosing at [Exchange] Reonin!

      Quick Login
      Ever wanted to quickly log into your accounts, regardless of how many you have? Now you can!
      We redesigned the login window and added a list of saved accounts. You can save an account by entering your credentials and pressing the "Save Current Details" button.

      To quickly login a saved account, you can select it in the list and press "Load". It will instantly log you in.
      All account data will be secured with our advanced encryption, so there's no need to worry!

      Guild Finder V2
      The general idea of the Guild Finder was nice, but it was too annoying to use and buggy.
      Version 2 brings new light to such a wonderful feature. You can now open up your guild for new members just as you do with the Party Finder.
      By checking the "Enable Auto Join" checkbox in the guild window, it will appear in the Guild Finder V2 and everyone can join your guild.

      If you currently don't have a guild, you can easily create or join one now from within the guild window or by opening up the Guild Finder.

      Last Login Time
      Your guild is full, but you can't keep track of who is still active? Wonder no more! With the Last Login Time you can see when your guild members or friends were last online. This timestamp can be seen in the Guild window or in the messenger when hovering over a player-name.

      Advanced Quick Sell V2
      After being the first server ever to offer a Quick Sell feature back in 2017, only offering to sell blue items, it's now time for more!
      In version 2, you can choose your favoured settings and hide the selection again. Chosen settings will be saved across clients.

      If you have any suggestions for more categories, please message us on Discord. You know we're all about Quality of Life improvements!

      Advanced Safe Upgrade
      Upgrading weapons can be very annoying, as you have to replace the materials all the time.
      With the Advanced Safe Upgrade, we make sure the game does all the hard work for you, just check the 'Automatically refill all items' option and it will work like magic.

      Vote Streak Buff
      Replacing the Online Buff, we're introducing the Vote Streak Buff! For every day you vote for ClockworksFlyff on GTop100 you receive a better buff.
      Stacking up to seven times, you will get a maximum of EXP+50% and Drop+5%. After 48 hours of not voting, your buff will be reset to 0.

      Additionally, when reaching set milestones the server will be buffed with full Anarchy buffs for one hour!

      Vote Buff Effects

      0No effect
      1EXP +5%
      2EXP +10%
      3EXP +15%, DROP +1%
      4EXP +20%, DROP +2%
      5EXP +25%, DROP +3%
      6EXP +30%, DROP +4%
      7EXP +50%, DROP +5%

      Vote Goals for full Anarchy Buff


      New Commands
      CommandWhat it does
      Opens the awake window for you to awaken at any location and at any time
      Starts the Kill-counter
      Stops the Kill-counter
      Resets the Kill-counter
      Switches the FKey layout to numbers and vice versa
      Hides NPC Speech dialogue.

      General Changes
      Update Added a buff pang to Kaillun & Bahara Desert.
      Update The "Shiny" status of weapons will now be correctly displayed on your character in the inventory window.
      Update "Shiny" status of items will be shown correctly in Model Viewer.
      Update New Addition to Pet Filter :White/Blacklist will now show an an icon of the item to make it easier to use.
      Update Party and Guild invites are now possible even if in battle

      Weapon, World, Item, NPC and Armour Changes :
      Update Changes made to several pet sizes
      Update Changed Skeleton Devil's Cloak 2500 MATK to 3% PVP/PVE damage
      Update Ultimate Pets will now give +25 All Stat instead of +20 All Stat
      Update Christmas Love Hat (M/F) will now give All Stats +5 to match its description
      Update Adjusted set exchange and teleporter accordingly to updated Fragment Conversion

      Siege, Royal Rumble, Asmodan Changes & Fixes:
      Update Relocated Viewing boxes in Royal Rumble
      Update You will be teleported out in Royal Rumble when being AFK
      Update Replaced refillable vendors in Asmodans Trials Chests with non-refillable ones.
      Update Siege Medals are only awarded to players that actually play Guild War
      Information You still do not get awarded Siege Medals if you log out, no matter wether you logged out with no lives left or with
      Bugfix Fixed Guild War System message appearing twice
      Bugfix Fixed System message saying you have been awarded Red Chips after Guild War
      Bugfix Fixed Guilds with 3 letter names not being able to apply for Guild War
      Bugfix Fixed stats being out of sync in Royal Rumble

      Class Balance :
      Update Updated Templar Royal Rumble Template : Added a Sky Striker
      Update Set cool-down of Cimetiere's Scream to 1.5 seconds in PvP
      Update Decreased Berserk Cast Time
      Update Decreased Sneaker Cast Time
      Update Decreased First Blood Cast Time
      Update Increased Berserk duration from 8 to 15 seconds
      Update Berserk will no longer prevent you from casting other skills
      Update Sonic Hand now deals x2 damage instead of x5.

      Bugfix Fixed bug where Trials buffs would not reset correctly
      Bugfix Fixed bug where some players couldn't be messaged
      Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused slow position updating of characters after leaving invisibility
      Bugfix Fixed power-ups not being usable together (Elixir, Flask, Potion, Cotton Candy, etc)
      Bugfix Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to login anymore if the map was disabled (Sorry, Atoki)
      Bugfix Fixed a bug where items in mails would get deleted when your inventory is full
      Bugfix Fixed a bug where you could equip a 2H weapon and a shield in model viewer

      Removed Removed useless orbs from the drop table of certain monsters.
      Removed Removed sounds of Usagi pets.
      Removed Removed confirmation on Scroll of Strength/Scroll of Intelligence/Scroll of Stamina/Scroll of Dexterity as it interrupted gameplay too much.
      Removed Online buff in replacement with Vote Streak Buff (Refer to above)