Patch Notes 4.2.5


Probably next patch we will release the Dungeon Speedrun feature. The rewards are still in commission and we are waiting for them.
We are also working on a new event :eyes:

Changes to Transmog system:
-- Equipped items will not be unlocked automatically anymore
-- Added a message when a skin is activated
-- Changed "Activate Fashion Skin" functionality to "Unlock Skin". You can unlock skins of equipment and fashion items there now.
-- You can now use items from other classes, except for weapons
-- Added more warnings if you are about to break an item

- Added a new Premium Bundle: Premium (28 Days) + Baal Pet
- Added Mythical Ticket - Queen of Cats Mount to [Mythical Ticket] Loraine
- Added "Scroll of Weapon Glow (None)" to [Aura Changer] Aurelia NPC and the Web Shop. It will remove your element glow on the weapon.
- Added search function to Achievements. You can search for achievement titles, descriptions or rewards.
- Added search function to Title Tracker. It will filter the list of titles and only show matching ones.
- Added Dark Assassin Set (M) to [Siege Medals Shop] Suray
- Added an option to hide all set glows
- Added an option to hide all weapon glows
- Added Season fashion and Dark Assassin Set to Item Transy (F)
- Added Pet Aura (Black) 15 Days to [Aura Changer] Aurelia and [Pet Tamer]

- Party window will now show the channel a player is on
- Enabled DPS meter in Raids for everyone
- Items in your inventory, that can not be equipped, will be marked red now. You can disable this QOL in the options.
- Saved accounts in Quick Login can now be moved up or down. The list will not be auto-sorted anymore
- Boss monster kills in dungeons will now count for all party member's achievements/challenges/etc.
- Guild member list will not be "randomized" once someone logs out now
- Removed an unobtainable pet from the teleporter
- Removed "Whisper" chat tab. It is still usable, just the button was removed
- Optimized set glow to be less performance hungry
- Optimized damage rendering massively, it should now lag less in crowded areas where a lot of players fight
- Improved german translation
- Increased price of Mythical Tickets that do not give skins

- Fixed a bug where items could get lost in case of a server crash after your vendor expired
- Fixed a bug where some items would not be un-/lockable
- Fixed a bug in the Model Viewer where you would not be able to view two Blade weapons
- Fixed Angel skills being messed up after Memento
- Fixed the achievement "Fresh Ddukguk Addict" not be achievable

Patch Notes 4.2.4

Hall of Fame
The Season 3 Hall of Fame characters have been placed in Eldeon City! 

- First person to reach AR100: frenzy
- Person with the highest Legendscore: LightbornRanger 
- Person with the most points in Guild Siege: Type
- Person with the most points in Guild Clash: DaDa
- Person with the most Achievements unlocked: Achievement

Mass Chancebox Opening & Preview
- You can now rightclick a chance box and open multiple of it at once, no need to click a key thousands of times
- You can now rightclick a chance box and view it's content

- Added /angelawake command as a shortcut for the angel awake window
- Added /statscroll command as a shortcut for the random stat scroll window
- Added the ability to login with double click when in being in the character selection
- Items can now be put in your personal chest without getting removed from your saved switches
- Buff Pang in Testing Grounds will now give full buffs
- Added a sound when you stop collecting or when your battery runs out
- Lord's Love is stackable now
- Adjusted the available drop list in the teleporter
- Optimized the record book to not being extremly resource heavy
- Removed "Summer Love" Anarchy buff

- Reduced Pandemonium animation frame time from 41 to 28
-- This should make the skill better for farming in general and stacking for PvP purposes

- Fixed descriptions of various items
- Fixed descriptions of various achievements
- Fixed the client being frozen when Quick Relog failed
- Fixed a bug where you would auto attack monsters when having "Target Change" active, but "Auto Attack" inactive
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Season 3 badge to disappear after putting it in the personal chest
- Fixed a bug where disabling "Premium Glow" would not update instantly
- Made some changes to the raid to be less laggy, please let us know if it helped enough

Patch Notes 4.2.3

The Season server was merged with the main server!
We will now continue working on new features and improvements, gradually working our way to Season 4 next year (season-4).

- The website was reworked in certain areas like rankings, news and menus to be more user friendly, especially on mobile.

- Changed Sunday memento Siege time to be 1 hour earlier - 19:00 CET [Pvp-suggestion #8]
- Added Guild Buff Lv. 10 when in Arena
- Removed "Follow" option in raids
-- Abusing/preventing AFK checks in Raids is punishable from now on.
-- If someone in your Raid is abusing the AFK check, please report them through tickets
-- We know about the problems in Raid and will tackle them in an upcoming update 
- Reduced the amount of active war players in Guild Siege from 5 to 3 [Pvp-suggestion #12, #20 & #21]
- Due to having over 400.000 unique record entries, we had to delete some "low" records to save data and compute power

- Fixed a bug where items would get soul-linked after joining Memento areas
- Fixed a bug that caused Cubed items not to be sendable by mail
- Fixed a bug where Memento Siege would fuck up the website Siege logs
- Fixed a bug where opening the guild siege ranking would cause a massive client freeze
- Fixed a bug where you would lose some item effects, most notably Enchanced Party Skill Range, after joining a Memento area
- Fixed a bug where party skills (and scrolls) would disappear when joining a Memento area
- Fixed a bug where using Auto Powerups feature would be delayed when having the items in the inventory
- Fixed a few bugs with the new Character Selection
- Fixed a bug where you could not remove Scroll of Amplification buffs
- Fixed a bug where Scroll of Amplification icon would be shown 4 times instead of only once
- Fixed translation errors
- Fixed descriptions in achievements

Patch Notes 4.2.2

Yesterday we released the merge date for Season 3 and our thoughts about how it went. If you haven't, please go ahead and read season-3-conclusion.
With the upcoming merge, we need to make a lot of "under the hood" changes, so this patch is a bit smaller. The upcoming patch will have some new QoL and maybe a new exciting feature, that is not ready just yet. :eyes: 

New Character Selection
- Since the character selection gets frustrating to use after every Season, we have redesigned it.
- It will now show all your characters in a list
-- For upcoming seasons you will probably need to scroll down or I need to find a better solution
- Note: The displayed slot is still important, as the characters still have slots internally. If you for example delete the characters on slot 2 and slot 12 and want to create a new one, it will automatically be placed in the first free slot, in this case slot 2.
-- Also, the normal bank is still grouped by increments of 3 slots
-- i.e. slot 1-3 share one bank, slot 4-6 share another bank
- Additionally, the selection will always preselect the last logged in character

- Improved server performance greatly
- Added option to disable premium glows
- Added all Yggdrasil Sets to Fashion Transy

- Added Knight Master skill to Royal Rumble
- Disabled Siege rankings for Memento Sieges

- Fixed a bug in Death Race event, causing players to lose their inventory under certain circumstances
- Fixed some suits missing an element in the Siege Force Master preset
- Fixed some bugs in Memento Arena and enabled it again
- Fixed some VP skins not being one time use only
- Fixed a bug that caused de-leveled characters to lose stats if they used the Re-Stat Scroll
-- For anyone affected, using a Re-Stat again will fix this issue
- Fixed a client crash after using "Collect & Delete" in the mailbox
- Fixed speed of some mounts being slower than intended
- Fixed some pet sizes

Patch Notes 4.2.1

This week we will release our season end text and the merge date. Just like the last two times, we have read and compiled all feedback and will comment on everything we have not yet commented on. The season end text will contain a lot of information from our side of how we think the season was, what was bad, what could have been better and an outlook, teasers or ideas for what we want to change or keep the same, so keep an eye out for that!

Death Race
- Death Race is a new event mode that can be held by GMs. 
- Your goal is to be the first one to run up the Volcano and talk to the Mysterious NPC. 
- Your level is set to 120 and you do not have any items, except for 15 Remantis Laccotte. 
- Spend them wisely, as you will not be able to succeed without them!
- The reward is set to 5x Game Master Event Token. 
- It is accessible through the Teleporter once the GMs started it!

- Reworked some Server Quests
- Added Reksai mount to Event NPC
- Improved the german translations massively

Siege, Memento & Royal Rumble
- Enabled Royal Rumble on CH5 and CH6
-- For those that want to experience PvP on low ping in their respective regions
- We've added Memento Arena mode to the Arena with the Guild Siege presets. 
-- This will help us and you to balance Memento Sieges better.
-- When you enter the arena, you get offered the same gear as in Guild Siege.
-- You can also decline using a preset and use your own gear.
- All powerups are added automatically to AutoPowerups, when in Memento mode.
- Added skills, items and movement shortcuts to all Royal Rumble and Memento Siege preset applet and task bars
- Reduced the Guild Siege application requirement to 0 penya
- You can now line up level 1 characters for Guild Siege

- Fixed a bug where your character would appear with a wrong level after playing Siege or Royal Rumble.
- Fixed the chat limitation bug after using a saved shout.
- Fixed a bug in the chat window that would cause the cursor to be mispositioned.
- Fixed Raid respawns teleporting you to the wrong stage
- Fixed descriptions of some achievements

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